St. John’s CDC hopes to lay a firm foundation upon which the remainder of your students’ school years will be supported.  We embrace the sacred responsibility of educating by providing a warm, loving  family environment so that students can achieve their full potential.  It is our objective to provide all students with a foundation in knowledge, skills, and Gospel values to prepare them for the future.  Whatever your child’s stage of development, our CDC has the appropriate curriculum to meet all educational needs.

Our Mission

The St. John’s United Methodist Church Child Development Center serves in the ministry of early childhood development.  We foster a Christian, loving, and nurturing environment for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.  Our preschool curriculums are academically rich and are at a pace consistent with each individual child’s developmental readiness.  The early years are the most important for a child’s brain development, which is addressed through each of our infant through preschool curriculums with age-appropriate and multi-sensory experiences.  Our teachers and staff are talented, creative, and they share and model their faith and love for Christ.

Growing in Faith…

The focus of the school program also addresses the acquisition of values and discovery of truth through the use of scripture based stories and music.  All students are exposed to faith-based curriculum in the classroom and attend Chapel once a week.

Tuition Rates and Fees:


Monthly tuition rate -$475.00

Weekly tuition rate- $110.00

3k and 4k

Monthly tuition rate- $430.00

Weekly tuition rate- $100.00

*Discounts available for St. John’s UMC members*


Our Program

Infants (starting at 6 weeks) – 1 year program

-Loving, nurturing, and enriching atmosphere. -Exploration with developmentally appropriate equipment and toys.                                                                                                                   -Ability to develop and learn at one’s own pace.

1 year – 24 Month Program

-Activity-based curriculum. -Enhancement of learning and discovery. -Age-appropriate toys, books, materials, music.  -Introduction to:  alphabet, numbers, colors, and shapes. -Learn through play and social interaction  -Weekly music class.


2 Year Old Program

-Activity-based curriculum. -Enhancement of learning and discovery. -Age-appropriate books, materials, music, and other resources to meet individual needs.  -Introduction to:  alphabet, numbers, colors, and shapes.  -Weekly music class.

3 Year Old Program

-Preparation for K4. -Development of emotional maturity, physical/fine motor skills, and critical thinking skills. -Teacher-created integrated themes and lessons based on the Anderson School District 5 curriculum. -Exploration and development through centers and field trips. -Weekly music class.

4 Year Old Program

Our goal for our center is when they leave here in 4k; the children are prepared for Kindergarten in every way possible.

-Development of critical thinking skills and social maturity for school preparation.                        -Pre-reading, pre-math, pre-science,  pre-writing, and pre-computer skills addressed. -Introduction to a second language. -Teacher-created integrated themes and lessons based on the Anderson School District 5 curriculum. -Exploration and development through centers, field trips, and special programs. -Weekly music class. -Chapel on Wednesdays.